Monday, 23 June 2014

Maaaan I was such a sloth this weekend

...and I loved every minute of it!

Nerding out with my man like a boss. We ate crap food, sat on the central heating, watched a buttload of anime (while reminiscing about Japan) and napped. A pretty solid and successful pog of a first weekend back in fair ol Melbourne town. 

As promised, here's a summary our first week in Japan in absolutely no particular order:

Clockwise from top right: Night-time adventuring through Shinjuku; the famous Japanese toilet; crab hat; Ginza line subway
Little shiba me; cute schoolgirls at Sensō-ji temple, Asakusa; rooftop view of Sensō-ji complex and market from the tourist information centre; supermarket sushi 

Just your average little river friends; Evan at the ryokan in Takayama; Shibuya crossing; Giants game at Tokyo Dome 
Doting father with puppy pram; ticket machine udon in Akihabra; kimonos; very expensive samurai swords
Photo booth manga eyes; shopping; trying new drinks from vending machines; beautiful 5 story pagoda in Asakusa
Beautiful snow capped mountain views from Takayama; friendly little cuties that we met on the way to the Ghibli Museum; traditional house at Hida no Sato (folk village); one of the 5000 record digs which happened over the fortnight

One of many awesome bike rides; Evan looking pretty and me hugging a sarubobo (happy monkey baby) at the folk village; eating sundaes, looking cute and feeling like creeps at a maid café in Akihabara; puppies!!!!

Eating adorable kitty sundaes at aforementioned creepy cafe trying to be adorable too; tanuki; little shiba; friendly schoolgirls 

Yamakyu Ryokan in Takayama, the first place I've ever been publicly nude (well kind of...ladies onsen); forever stuffing my face; very cool samurai statue; beautiful photo of a beautiful boy

Me; eating hida beef sashimi, a moment I wish I could relive every minute of everyday; Ghibli Museum!!!; long armed, pot bellied little dude
Laputan robot at the Ghibli Museum; hydrangeas; the much coveted melon fanta; the priceless and unashamed happiness of a boy who lost his phone on a Shinkansen and had it miraculously returned to him a day later.