Tuesday, 17 June 2014


It's crazy how quickly life-as-usual resumes. It's like the last month was like a terrific dream that was over in a blink. Nothing quite like a shrill 6am alarm and cold rainy Melbourne morning to snap you back to reality, hey? 

I left you last 3 weeks ago in El Nido. Another island, another country and what feels like another planet later, I'm sitting on the tram anxiously awaiting my first day back at work. 

To continue the tale, I'll regress to week 2; Boracay.
Postcard perfect, party resort island. I binged daily on buffet breakfasts, beachfront banana lounge massages and tropical cocktails. Such a decadent, relaxing and fun week.
On a side note, can you believe I left here with the flu?!