Wednesday, 28 May 2014

El Nido

From Port Barton, we jeepney-ed an hour through the island countryside to seek out an air conditioned bus to El Nido from Roxas.

250 pesos, a couple of travel pills and 6 comatose hours later, we had arrived in the surreal and unspoiled archipelago utopia of El Nido, Palawan. 

The unrelenting beauty of this place will make you gasp for air thinking you've seriously died and gone to heaven. The crystal turquoise waters framed by steaming Jurassic Park-like jungle and prehistoric limestone cliff faces is probably the most beautiful thing a person in this lifetime will ever be fortunate enough to see.

4 straight days of binging on food, booze, seawater and epic scenery. Amazing. 




Saturday, 24 May 2014


I'm sipping away on a San Miguel listening to the thunder and rain roll in while burying my feet in the cool sand. Ev is working away furiously but seems very at home in this island paradise. Man, I love this place. 
We're on holiday in the Philippines, right now in Port Barton on the island of Palawan, disconnecting from the world (literally, the wifi has dropped out and there's no power until 6pm) and recharging the batteries before we hit the psychosomatic yet seemingly endearing obscurity of Japan. A place I've always dreamed of going. 
We're travelling with Evan's family for the Philippines leg of the trip and so far it's been awesome. It's been spontaneous, adventurous and hilarious with this silly bunch. The McLellan clan are a good sort with wicked senses of humour and have a unique yet harmonious way about them, hell-bent on sinking back beers, over-sharing travel experiences (Papa McLellan), accidentally tanning and learning everything there is to know about anything and everything. A particularly handy asset being Tagalog speaking Mama McLellan.
I'm having a wonderful time. I can't believe it's only the beginning. Here's a little a look at the rad adventures so far: