Friday, 4 April 2014

Only a few posts in and I went MIA

When you're consciously exercising frugality for the sake of another adventure, it's pretty easy to think you've been a bit of a hermit. I realised though, after sifting through some pictures I'd taken since the last post, that isn't true at all! Fun was had and here's the proof:

1. I had a birfdy and went camping in Mallacoota to celebrate


2. We made a little mate while we were there

3. I made a wedding cake

4. Celebrated the wedding of our wonderful friends. Camping and beach wedding weekend in Apollo Bay. 

5. We saw off my dear friend Stefan who has been adventuring through Nepal & India before starting the new chapter of his life as a seafaring photographer on a cruise ship abroad. 

6. I caught my first fish!

7. Casually just walked backstage and watched Pennywise from the doorway of their dressing room like ain't no thing. 

8. Came across this happy little dude on the walk to the station one morning. 

9. JalapeƱo harvest! 

10. Saw some of the best bands in Melbourne own it with Slapshot

11. Came to the staggering realisation that I have the same hair as Dave Mustaine from Megadeth